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Jim giving the virgin high school boys a shot at my wife Jean

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(Read story) Slut Pig Cum Dump Wife with the virgin boys

Jean and some young high school guys had some fun last week! Jean had called our neighbor Mike and my buddy Jim over for a little naughty fun in the evening. After they all had several drinks hey talked her into getting a little bit kinky and let them tie her up spread eagle on the big chair in our living room as I watched with interest! Once they had her tied so she couldn't resist they bound both of her big tits. She was enjoying it until she saw them bring out the dental gag. She protested, but to no avail, as they put the gag in her mouth and locked it to wide open so her mouth completely accessible. Then they put an artificial pig nose and ears on her. Finally, Jim took a tube of red lipstick and wrote "SLUT PIG" on her chest above her tits and "CUM DUMP" with an arrow pointing to her open hairy pussy on one leg. Then came the big surprise! Jim had two high school boys she knows, Bruce and Steve, come in! I had heard her tease the boys before about having sex with a mature woman at Casey's when we were filling up with gas. Jim and Mike were going to make sure the two boys found out how it was for real! Jean was in no position to argue about it! All she could do was make some unintelligible noises! Jean watched as Jim had the boys strip off. They both had big cocks with raging teen hardons! Jim, Mike and I stripped off also. Jim and Mike told the boys they could do anything they wanted with Jean. That was all the urging the boys needed. They began playing with her tits and sucking her nipples. Then they took turns finger fucking and eating her pussy! Finally Jim said, "Are you two going to get around to fuck her or what"? That's all the urging they needed. Bruce, the thinner one, got down on his knees in front of her as we gathered around to watch! He put his cock tip against the now wet slit in her hairy cunt and tried to shove it into her. It wouldn't go in very easily. Jim told him to rub his cock tip up and down a little in her pussy opening for some juices to lubricate his cock tip. Bruce did as Jim suggested then he moved in a little closer and slid the tip of his cock into her fairly easy. I took my then hard cock in my had as I enjoyed the spectacle! Bruce started tentatively thrusting his shaft slowly in and out of her hair edged cunt slit. I started jacking my cock slowly as I watched the shaft of his probable 8" cock go deeper into her with each of his forward thrusts. He kept thrusting deeper and deeper until his hard shaft was all the way in her hairy cunt and their pubic hairs were meshed together. He gave one more final forcefull thrust just to make sure his cock was all the way in! That made Jean let out a satisfied groan! Then Bruce got down to business. He started thrusting about 4" into her cunt slowly at first, then faster and faster, and deeper and deeper! "Oh man, this feels good!" he said! "Her cunt feels so warm around my cock shaft!" I don't think he had ever fucked a female before, and in his excited nubie state of mind it didn't take him long shoot a big load of his cum deep in her hot cunt! Right at the last he was driving his shaft all the way into her cunt as fast as a jack hammer. His balls had warmed up and were hanging down smacking her in her asshole. I began stroking my cock in earnest! All of a sudden Bruce let out a groan and started shooting spurt after spurt of young cum deep into her. He drove into her until he had squirted all of his cum and then he collapsed on her with his shaft still in her. We all clapped! In about a minute his shaft became soft and he pulled out of her and got up. "That was as good as I could have ever imagined it could be!", he said as we watched a run of his spunk run down to her asshole! It was Steve's turn next. His cock shaft was big, and was at least 1 1/2" longer than Bruce's! He got down on his knees and rubbed the tip of his cock in Bruce's cum to get it lubricated. Jean's cunt was loosened up and slick with cum. Steve had no problem entering her cunt and driving his shaft all the way into her cunt in just a few strokes. I don't think he had ever fucked for real before either, and in his excited state of mind it didn't take him long. He started slow like Bruce and ended up driving his long shaft hard and fast into her cunt until he shot his load deep in her. Jean was groaning loudly all the way through this time as Steve fucked her! He too collapsed on her after he shot his wad and stayed there until he was soft. After his boner got soft he pulled out and stood up commenting, "Man that was great! I didn't realize what I have been missing!" I offered the guys a beer as Jean laid there with a large amount of cum leaking out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass! We were standing there drinking beer and looking at her. Jim told her, "You look like a real well used SLUT PIG!"

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