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Apr 16, 2008

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    ........Hot Girls and Hot Cars........**** IMPORTANT - NOTICE ****

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    If you're a YouTube user, check out this video of Shakira
    singing "Don't Bother":

    and this one, "SheWolf" is just plain *F*U*N*

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    Pamela David

    I received these photos in an e-mail that didn't identify this lady. I finally found out, from a Fotki guest, who this voluptuous lady is. Pamela David.
    There is an entire album dedicated to her in private now.

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    The Girls of Miami Heat

    Wallpaper pics of the Miami Heat dancers

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    Adult Humor

    To remain in good favor with Fotki and not violate the "ToS", the majority of this album was moved to private.

    To see the rest/best of the album, you will need to make me a friend and request access (via my guestbook) and, by doing so, attest to being over 18 years old.

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    How many of these celebrities can you identify?

    Take your guess of who they are before opening the photo.

    Please e-mail me any contributions and I'll include them.

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